Happy New Year!

Now that 2011 is almost over I am reflecting in all the amazing things that happened and I told you about on My Christmas post.

New Year's resolutions? Well, be more Me!!!! Before I did not dare to dress how I liked (mainly because I didn't find clothes that fit, but also because I felt like a huge piƱata).

I am going to be more me, do what I want, dress how I like and create what I want, because I am worth it.

Going trough this change has taught me a lot about myself and the only thing I regret about it is not doing it sooner.

Reflecting at the end of the year, I am truly happy about what the year has been and concentrating on this instead of what could have been brings beautiful memories.

I hope your year was full of beautiful memories, great achievements and many more nice things. I wish you the best for this New Year Approaching, may it be great, and I wish that everything you do is blessed with success and happiness.

Here's to a Great 2012!!!!


Jen said…
Fabulous! 2012 is all about being more of ourselves... I can tell already!

Best wishes for a creative year,
Cameron said…
Happy New Year to you, too!

You are worth it.....and I see an amazing 2012 filled with abundant opportunities, laughter, sunshine, fulfillment, sparkles and self confidence!

May all your dreams come true!
Lost bears said…
Thank you, Danita!
All the best for you and you family!
vivian said…
Happy new Year Danita!
gina g said…
well said! we could all be a little bit more "me"
Happy New Year!
Wonderful goal for the new year. Happy New Year Hugs!
Unknown said…
So wonderful to hear the confidence! Good for you! Go Danita! Go Me! :o)
maya =^o^= said…
happy new year talented gilr!!!!!!!!
Inddu said…
Best wishes to you too .D
and thank you :D

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