Christmas ornament swap

And this is again that time of the year when I get to open presents like a little girl! If you´re new to my blog you may not know about this swap (Read more about it here). If you´ve been following me you know I´ve been in an annual Christmas swap since 2008 with a fabulous group of talented ladies and we exchange 12 or 13 ornaments and we get to open one each day during the month of December. This year we started a little bit late and yesterday I opened the first present!!  It is always very exciting because I´ve had the little packages for many days and I just can´t guess what it´s inside... want to take a look with me?

The first gift I get to open was from the super talented Ruth Rae.  I´ve always loved her work, but this year´s ornament will be a true treasure because of the circumstances she´s been through. You can read more about it in her blog, and send her good wishes too :)

I love my new ornament. And I love the heart, I´m so into hearts lately!

Ruth´s distinctive work always incorporates fibers and it is one of my favorite details.  Thank you Ruth! It has now a special place in my home!

 The second turn was from the not less talented Kelly Snelling

She was inspired by her sister and childhood when she made her ornaments and you can see it through the humble materials and the playful details, but you can also see her skills and her artistic eye in the finished piece.

Houses are a recurrent shape in my work and I´m always looking for new ones. This one is definitely a keeper.

Can´t wait ´til tomorrow to open another one! Thanks so much Kelly and Ruth. I love my ornaments!


Lunata said…
Qué bonitos!. Hoy he descubierto tu blog, y tus trabajos me han encantado, son preciosos.
Mel said…
I love these hearts!! So inspiring. Thanks fr sharing

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