New Originals Just In Time For Christmas

I have been very busy this last season, and I finished a series of paintings just in time for a last show before Christmas. If you order them from my Etsy Shop before Dec 20th, they will arive just in time to give them away as Christmas presents.

 Let me show you the crown jewel, a very large (for me) Frida portrait.
It measures 12x24 inches and has a stunning face with beautiful, lively eyes
and beautiful skin.

Another rarity for me, a revisit of an old painting.
I made the original some time ago now, and I decided
to reimagine it with new techniques.

He has been sitting on my mind for some time,
and now he got a chance to come out.
I love Harry Potter and the rich world he lives in... The other day I was daydreaming I was accepted at Hogwarts and I realized I was going to need an owl! So here I am, getting an owl. 

And just because I like to paint cute little woodland creatures I made
these three cute little paintings:

All of them, along with ACEO Prints and soon jewelry
and paper prints, are available at My Etsy Shop for
you to take home today.


LOVE your work... LOVE it!
America Alcala said…
I love the way you paint their eyes! So beautiful!:-D
SaraLynnArt said…
These are gorgeous Danita! I can't decide which is my favorite. I kind of adore Humpty!
Mary C. Nasser said…
Love your Friday with the blue house. So lovely.

Best wishes this holiday season!
Mixed-Media Map Art
Karen said…
Your creations are amazing!!
beautiful work as always. Merry Christmas Danita. Cheers, Susan
Jeannette said…
I so enjoy reading your blog and seeing your beautiful art.Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from UpAndAwayStudio.
Anne Manda said…
Wonderful work! I love the way you do eyes and skin.
Just dropping in to wish you Happy Christmas and all the best for the New Year

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