On gifts and blessings...

I've been thinking about lately about this Holiday Season, about the gifts and the blessings that we receive every year. I want my children to enjoy their gifts but I also want them to value what it's really important: love, health, family.  So I was making this painting here:

And I was thinking about the gifts we get on Christmas, the joy of opening them and the good moments we spend as a family all together around the Christmas tree.  But then I thought something was missing, and I made this one:

For Christmas to be complete, we should also have blessings. A warm home, a family, love in our hearts, health and many, many others.  

So now, the 2 of them together make the perfect Christmas for me.
What about you?

(Both pieces available at my Etsy)


Mechelle said…
They look so adorable!
Julie said…
Those are great. I know what you mean about being thankful for all the other "basic" necessities too. This year we are going ultra simple. Now, we don't have kids yet, but we generally get each other a fair amount of "stuff"... this year we bought a Keurig coffee machine (our gift to each other) and are just putting things in each others stockings. We are also donating to "Toys for Tots" and a couple of other things too :)
Lunata said…
Preciosos! y con mucho encanto.
Oh, these are a perfect duo. I wish I had seem them early....they are already sold. I would have loved to have scooped these up.
Have a wonderful holiday!
Lvenka said…
very very!!!
Sissy Sparrows said…
I am so into christmas this year and I stumbled across your blog and absolutely fell in love with your art.

Love your ornies and journals, your talent is so inspiring.

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