New batch of ornaments!

I hope everybody had a great weekend! We dared going to the mall... oh my! It's so full already! And it's just the beginning of December! I don't think I want to go again on a weekend this month :P

 I also managed to finish a new set of ornies! This time they're a little bit different but still charming, covered with beeswax and mica flakes that will reflect the lights of your tree beautifully!

And I use some vintage style tinsel garland to add an extra festive touch in the top. They're one of a kind!  I love to hunt for extra special ornaments each year to celebrate something special that happened during that time or to remember a person or an event, that's why I love making my own ornaments and I wanted to share that with you. I hope you find one that makes you happy!

Get them at my Etsy shop.

Happy week!


Anonymous said…
What a great style you have! I just came across your blog in Artful blogging and I thought I would stop by for a look. I really loved the article, and I am excited that you have a store on etsy... I will be checking that out as well, best of luck in the new year!
Unknown said…
Awwwww, they are gorgeous Danita. Adorable. :D
at-the-attic said…
plumbing said…
It can be a potential business for some women especially creative moms. They can make some ornaments and sell it.
I just rec'd my ornament last week and it's just wonderful. So much so, in fact, that I am KEEPING it instead of giving it away!! They are even better in person. Really. :)

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