Speaking of traditions...

My Christmas tree is up! I can´t be happier... I said this year that I was going to decorate the house since the beginning of November because the decorations are up a very short time and December is here and my stuff was still in boxes hiding in a closet... but now we finally finish! And now we have our little tree full of ornaments to gather around and talk about pretty thing and memories or just to sit there, enjoying a warm cup of cocoa and look at the lights...

It reminds me of my Christmases as a child... so many good memories. I remember helping my family decorate the tree with the nice smell of cinnamon and fruit punch in the background... still I can´t get in the Holiday mood if I don´t prepare some "ponches", so I did and with that sweet smell we finished our decoration night... Now I can start adding the new ornaments to my tree as I open them :)

And if you haven´t finished your Holiday decorations either, I have a suggestion. Another tradition of mine that I started a few years ago is making a small set of dolls that can be used as an ornament but that you can display all year long.

This year the batch consists in 5 dolls one in a different color and with a different personality. They will make great gifts and are perfect for a collector. If you feel like having one, you can click here.

More about the Christmas swap tomorrow!


I love Christmas traditions. I made cookies with my children last night, candy cane shaped ones like I made as a child. It is a tradition I am happy to share with my children as my mother did with me.

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