Danita art in the PikaPackage Project!!

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Amy from the Pikapackage Project asking me if I wanted to participate. After jumping and screaming in celebration I said yes and now I'm in the August Pikapackage!!!!

For the ones who haven't heard of this fabulous project, here's what Amy says:

PikaPackage is a monthly collection of goodies from illustrators and artists who sell their wares online, resulting in ONE or TWO free monthly PikaPackage giveaway to readers and the rest to be sold as a lucky dip package to spread the word about their fantastic art.

Don't miss the opportunity to grab one of the packages at the shop. when the August release is done. If you're broke this month don't worry, you still may get one at the monthly giveaway.

Oh and finally, when the Pikapackage is released, don't forget to get your free PDF copy of the Pickapackage Zine, filled with small interviews to all the participant artists :)


CONGRATS! What an exciting opportunity you are my hero!!! HAHA Seriously awesome news to get as a result of lots of hard work!

noodle and lou said…
Yay for you!!!
Love all your new things
you've been working on Danita:):)
Happy week to you.

Sabbio said…
Congrats Danita :)
Unknown said…
Wow! That's a great thing to do...

I'll check that out in the future!

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