It's not what you're thinking! a new Halloween Painting

This new painting is too cute I had to share it! I'm into Halloween right now. My 2 year old is obsessed with monsters and spiders and pumpkins. The other day she went crazy at the craft store because it was this huge display of pumpkins and she went almost one by one saying "babaza mama, babaza!" (calabaza = pumpkin). All the ladies there were just laughing because it was like she had found gold!

So here's a new beeswax collage inspired in pumpkins:

She will be available this afternoon in my Ebay unless I receive an incredible offer for it I that I can't resist ;)
And she's sold... thanks a lot! ... and now, to make more!


Unknown said…
Oh, this is incredibly adorable!! I love Halloween! Great work!
Kimmi said…
How Adorable! You are Awsome!!!

Anonymous said…
So adorable! I just love your work. I have you listed as one of my "blog beauties" on my new blog and yours certainly lives up to that!
Sabbio said…
Your daughter and su calabaza are so sweet... as is your painting :)
BOOO I WANTED IT HAHHA.. Very wonderful Love it Danita!


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