New print

Hi everybody! This is just a quick note to thank you for your warm response to my last post and to let you know (to the ones who asked) that the print of the painting "Nightgown" is now available at my Etsy shop.

I'm working on new stitched things.. I'll keep you posted!


Sabbio said…
That are two good news :D
Tis the season. I have too become a stitch-a-holic! Good luck can't wait to see what come from it!

Anonymous said…
I just wanted to say thank you, for your beautiful point of view.
Your hands reflect whats in your soul,this kind of work makes people felt loved, doesnt matter were.
I admire you, because your a mom.
High quality in design, very fresh, unique and very sensitive.
Good luck
Please dont stop creating.

A artist-mom

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