What's on your desk today?

This little stitched characters are in mine :) Original ACEOS .. finally!

They're available at my
Etsy now!


K Hutchinson said…
OH MY GOODNESS! These are so cute! I love them!
Amanda Gray said…
How adorable! If you don't mind me asking, what types of advertising do you do for your etsy shop? And what is most effective?
Michelle said…
So beautiful! And what a wonderful idea!
cathy gaubert said…
ohhhh! i love them!!! i hope that i make it to etsy before they are all gone. :)
Sabbio said…
The ACEOs are so beautiful :) I still didn't begin with the dolls ^^
I'm sorry for your health problems but as you said the black hole + cranberry juice... and I would add positive thoughts and that will be it, I'm sure :)
They are so cute that if I enjoyed paper I would eat them! Really adorable! So inventive

Danita said…
Thank you for your support girls!!!

Steph, they're paper and fabric too :)

Amanda.. I only use my blog for advertisement...so I couldn't answer your question about what's the most effective :P But if you find out please let me know :)
Anonymous said…
These are adorable...I love the sketchiness the sewing adds and the fabric scraps are a great addition too. Can I be you when I grow up? *grin*
tascha said…
Very sweet!
all good things come in small packages and these sure are good (cute) packages!!!
holli said…
Hi Danita!, i love your work, from the shop next door, i must to say you are my fav!!
Hola Amiga de Pintura! I love your latest ACEOS as well as your little graphic collages. They are so contemporay and hip and whimsical. About your health, I can not agree more with cranberry juice! It was used by the natives a long time ago and they know best about great natural remedies. My mom cured a kidney infection in 2 weeks of drinking TONS of cran juice! Take good care of yourself y vaya bien! LuLu
Erica Herbert said…
these are AMAZING! LOVE them!
Erica Herbert said…
which blogspot template do you use? i like how you have a column on each side~! i only have one1 i'd LOVE 2!
Heather said…
oh I love the girl in red!
Sam I Am said…
danita my dear..these are adorable..
your brain is always thinkin!!

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