Frida Kahlo through the years

It's been almost a year since I was in Mexico City at the biggest Frida Kahlo exposition ever... and I made a Frida doll to celebrate! Frida is considered the most important Mexican artist to date, and I couldn't agree more. She was a pioneer in many things, but the most important to me is that she painted her soul. Frida has been one of the recurrent themes in my paintings and in my dolls and as I was doing the new doll I realized that somehow I always end up using red and white as the basic combination for her outfits. This is I think my first Frida doll ever. It was one of my first dolls too:

Then she followed (with her cast and "viva la vida" leyend):
And here some newer versions:
Frida wasn't not only an artist. She was an icon. Even now we still refer to some mexican items and accesories as "Frida style". And very few artists are inspiration for other artists as she is. I don't see many artists painting Van Gogh or Picasso, but I see way too many using Frida as their main topic. I'm one of them, and this is my last creation. A mixed media doll with everything: fabric, paint, stitches, embroidery, yarn, pastels and crocheted flowers. Available here.
Oops... I just posted (at 2:30 a.m. and it sold right away!... I guess I'm not the only one with imnsomnia)

But don't worry, maybe you can't get the Frida... but there are other new mermaids there too :)


Zom said…
She is fantastic. Truly original.
Unknown said…
I love this post! It is nice to see the progession of your dolls. I love them all!!!
mazsu said…
your style is fantastic! i love it :o)

i invite you to visit my blog:

tascha said…
I love the crochet body on the mermaid!
Lunara said…
Hola Danita linda.. cuanto trabajo hermoso.. tu sabes q amo a la Frida, precisamente acabo de poner un post con otra de mis peques fridas ejejej.., pues q suerteeee q vendas inmediatamente jaja, oye pues algún día haré alguna mona, todavía no le hago a eso pero espero algún día.., en fin q me matan tus monas..
holli said…
I think i tell you, your work its so good! love the Fridas, and the new sea dolls!
Michelle said…
It is amazing isn't it? For some artists it seems really inappropriate to use their style. It feels like a "rip off" But not Frida! I love how everyone interprets her.Love yours especially. What would have happened if she had plucked her eyebrows though I wonder?!
Amazing as always and that is soooo true about frida! A true icon. I have to agree with tascha I love the crochet touch to the mermaids body!

Hola Danita! Your last Frida doll is so perfect and so different and so beautiful! Great, great art! Love your new mermaids too! Hasta luego! LuLu
Erica Herbert said…
they are BEAUTIFUL! i just finished my first frida painting & a VIDEO ~ it's pretty fun! dressed up & dancing in a salsa dress! cha cha cha! i'm going to put it on my blog tonight (if u want to have a look & probably a laugh!)
p.s. thanks for the layout info...i looked at it for quite awhile, but couldn't figure it out!? will look again...
Anonymous said…
I love your Frida dolls! I am working on one right now and there can never be too many Frida dolls in my opinion. I hope to visit her home one day:)
Anonymous said…
Aww... I wub zee murmaid! ;)

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